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Deep Dive

About the Project

The Graphic Design project for the course HCC 710- Graphic Design for Interactive Systems, was a Semester long endeavour with an objective of creating Instruction Designs (Fruitshake Instructions/Recipes) for a Client. From connecting the random dots to systematically organizing them; from giving them meaning to obtaining insights from them; and from digging deep down to the smallest level of detail to visualizing the picture as a whole, the journey of Visual Design with Dr. Amy Hurst was an informative and a fun filled ride! For my Design Project, I chose Rubik Cube as the background theme. The different colors of the cube highlighted different phases of projects illustrated with the help of monochromatic variations. As shown in the image below, the Portfolio was printed and laid out in the form of a Rubik's Cube during the Design Showcase.

Design Showcase

Project Type

Academic/Industry Project


HCC 710- Graphic Design for Interactive Systems


5 months

Team Members


My Responsibilities

Graphic Design, Instruction Design, Image Manipulation, Portfolio Creation

Design Process

Connecting the dots
To begin with, the course started with the fundamentals of Visual Communication: Conveying the message by giving meaning to objects. The class was given assignments which required basic objects like Keys, Letters to be expressed to show concepts like Asymmetry, Tension, Grouping, Fragmentation. The best segment of every class was the Design Display followed by the Open (friendly) Critiquing sessions. These sessions not only helped the students in improving their designs but also gradually developed a better ‘Critique’ in them. The Hamburger method is still one of the methods which I look forward to when starting to give feedback to any design.

Fruitshake Instructions Project

Further, the class carried out a Semester long Project to Redesign the Fruitshake Instructions for a Client. Our first project was on! Real client, Real problems, Real opportunities. Thereafter all the assignments were customized for the Fruitshake instructions. We started with Only Text designs, typography was the core focus area. I learned a lot about typefaces, kerning, tracking and the All-things-Typography while venturing into this fascinating field. The subsequent assignments gradually required to add graphical elements like columns, grids, color and images. I never knew what Hue actually was, how saturation affected the color scheme and how cropping can be a useful image manipulation tool. All these fundamental technique helped me sharpen my Graphic Design skills.


● Learned Visual Communication Principles- Sketching, Typography, Color, Grids, Layouts, Image Manipulation, Visual Language
● Learned Adobe Suite tools- Photoshop, Illustrator. Open Source tool- Inkscape
● Learned iterative design process, Design Critiquing methods (The Hamburger Method)


● Requirements gathering and accordingly defining the Visual Language for the Fruitshake instructions
● Detailed creation of the Style Guide- Layout, Typography, Color Scheme, Image-Text ratio
● Idea Generation- From sketching to Mockup to Final Designs

Note: Majority of the project deliverables and artifacts are confidential and protected by Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). As a result, the work shown is a Mocked representation of the types of deliverables, rather than the Actual Designs.